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Patti Haught works with each person as a whole and views them as an energetic system rather than individual parts. She specializes in natural integrative remedies to bring the body, mind, and spirit back into balance. Along with a conversation, Patti uses a variety of tools such as a microscope to look at your live blood to see what is actually in the blood and BioEnergetic assessment tools like ‘ZYTO’ to determine the nutritional support a client could benefit from most efficiently. She focuses on root cause corrections and foundational healthy practices, rather than diagnosing and treating disease. Patti is not a doctor and does not diagnose or treat disease.

Patti offers various BioEnergetic modalities such as Rife technology for gut health and parasites, Neurofeedback for brain issues, Frequency Specific Microcurrent for injuries, nerve and muscle pain,  TRE for natural stress and trauma release for the entire being.

She has a passion for helping others find balance, understanding, and gain control over their own well-being. After extensive research and 9 years of training in Trauma Therapy, Energy Healing, Neurofeedback, and Naturopathy she brings a new and growing modality of self-care to Cookeville. Art to Zen Wellness Center is the result

Alex Harned


Alex Harned, LMT, NCBTMB – is a native of Virginia and also lived in Mississippi and Puerto Rico. When Alex graduated in 2010 from Natural Health Institute in Nashville she began working at Dunn Chiropractic Clinic.  In 2012 she joined a wonderful group of folks at Back In Touch Wellness and began her independent practice.  The Modalities that Alex offers are Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage massage, reflexology, prenatal massage, and Cupping.