An Amazing wellness center. Colon Hydrotherapy and
Far-infrared Sauna was a great start to detoxing my body. RIFE and Neurofeedback were also awesome! Can’t say enough with love.

Love Lightshining – 10/24/2022

I have been under the care of Patty for approximately 8 weeks. I have had issues with constantly being tired, forgetfulness, memory, and pain. | have learned so much from her! My health is improving. The things | was having problems with are improving! I feel like a new person already! That’s my testimony. But what really is amazing is when you have a company that hasn’t seen you in weeks, making comments about how you look amazing. But more importantly, how relaxed and calm, and just an all over well-being both mentally and physically. That’s a confirmation for me, that I’m not just imagining a healing and restoration in my body and mind. It’s a real healing taking place!! | highly recommend calling for a consultation appt. if you prefer a holistic approach to your health!

Tami Taylor – 9/25/2022

Individual attention and very nice. Help with diet and supplements. Pay attention to Individual health problems and problem solving. Very helpful and kind.

Linda McConnell – 1/21/2023

I had the Colon Hydrotherapy and it’s amazing! | feel great and eliminate unwanted toxins. The staff and wellness center are amazing. In addition, the Wellness center has Neoro Feedback therapy, RIFE therapy, Live Blood analysis, Oxygen Therapy, Massage, Cupping, Far Infrared Sauna, and more! Great to find these services in Cookeville so | don’t have to drive to Nashville.

Patricia Beer – 8/24/2022

I have been under the care of Patti for six months. I experience severe gut issues and extreme constipation. Those issues have been resolved. So happy to have a colonic program right here in Cookeville. The rife treatments helped with my breathing, sinus, and pain at an old surgical site.

Laura Hedderick – 11/24/2022