My first session learning the TRE routine with Patti resulted in my social anxiety reducing by 80%!  My courage in living life fully increases with every performance/release with TRE.  At the age 55 and after a lifetime of seeing life through the filter of my distressing experiences, I am living in the now more and more.  Thank you Dr. Bercelli.  Thank you, Patti.

Pamela Gilmore, LMT


After having a combination Salt Therapy with Massage. Nan had told me I would benefit from your salt cave, my asthma and overall body aches have greatly improved. I was barely able to walk due to a excessive work out. I can now stand upright and can’t wait to return to see you! I say don’t hesitate, please give them a chance to show you how great you can feel.

Thank you,
Beth Coutre